Why a Helicopter Tour is the Perfect Valentines Gift!

What to give your loved one who has (almost) everything?

Perhaps you gave the most brilliant present to your loved one during the holiday season. It was thoughtful. It was so “them”. They loved it. They felt special.

Ah, but now comes Valentine’s Day. How does one repeat that kind of magic?

Consider a helicopter ride above the Chicago area with us.

Even if your loved one flies often on commercial jets, this will be a new experience. We fly lower and slower, which makes the details of everything on the ground easier to see. You’ll see views of Willis Tower, the John Hancock Building, the skyline, the lake shore and the Baha’i Temple, to name just some of the sites, like few have ever seen them.

Passengers get to wear headsets, just as the pilot does. You’ll get to listen to the tower/air traffic chatter and be able to talk to the pilot and your loved one easily.

Our flights are a blast. By the end of your flight you can expect to feel verygood, like you’ve been some where, like you’ve done something special, because you have. We think flying is good for the soul. We’d love to take you and your loved one for that ride.

We’re are offering gift certificates, which allows you to get any tour that suits you and schedule it later as it is convenient for you.

A helicopter tour makes a great gift for any aviation enthusiast, aerial photographer or adventurer. Or just schedule a flight for you and your loved one, so you can spend some quality time together.

Flights begin and end at Chicago Executive Airport / Palwaukee. It is easy to get to by car and we offer free parking in front of our facilities.

Whatever you end up giving or doing for Valentine’s Day, we hope you have fun and feel loved.

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